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Ocean Shipping...A Reflection on the Industry through the Years

I often hear ocean shipping referred to as being unchanged since the days of the early Phoenicians. I am happy to say I have only witnessed a small sliver of time as it relates to the history of shipping, however a time which has brought about tremendous change nonetheless.

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BTX honored as WCA's North American Partner of the Year

BTX Global Logistics, a domestic and international freight forwarding and logistics company, announced today they have been honored by the World Cargo Alliance ("WCA") as the recipient of the WCA's "North American Partner of the Year". News of the honor was received at the WCA’s annual awards ceremonies –recently held in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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What's so special about a Carnet?

Ensure your Trade Show travels duty and tax free to over 100 countries worldwide with BTX Global Logistics and ATA Carnet

BTX Global Logistics has long provided the international customs document, ATA Carnet,
for our customers in Trade Show and beyond, right across the globe. ATA Carnet allows duty and tax free temporary entry into 100 foreign countries.

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BTX Global Logistics is awarded TRACE Certification

BTX Global Logistics, in continued commitment to transparency in international commercial transactions in the forwarding industry, is pleased to announce it is now TRACE certified.

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Trade Show Talk...Top Terms You Should Know, Part 1

Every industry has its unique vocabulary specific to its own design. The language of exhibiting is no different. From pick up at your site to arrival at the show, knowing the terminology will enhance not only the quality of your exhibiting, but keep your timing on schedule and your costs in check.

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4th of July by the Freight

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BTX SLC On The Move

BTX Global Logistics in Salt Lake City has had a busy Spring...Amidst day to day operations, tradeshows around the world and most of all making sure their customers are well taken care of, they've been busy with a major move--a result of major growth. Exciting!

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BTX Austin Steps Up

Everyone has seen the weather unfold in the South, with Texas bearing the brunt over Memorial Day and beyond. The rain's devastating effects linger on. But adversity can bring out the best in people, and this has been no exception. There has been an outpouring from the local community and beyond--and BTX Austin has been a key player in making this happen. 

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BTX Global Logistics Expands into Canada

BTX Global Logistics continues to expand its footprint in North America--now into Canada. And d espite being the proverbial new kids on the block for BTX, don't be fooled: BTZ YYZ brings with them over twenty-five years experience in the industry. 
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West Coast Ports update

As negotiations on the West Coast seem to have slipped sideways, a number of customers have asked what is the outlook for the congestion and delays on cargo arriving to and departing from the US West Coast ports? We asked VP of Ocean for BTX, Tim McElroy, to try to give some insight into the rapidly evolving situation. 

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