BTX Global Logistics Staff Back to World HQ for 'New Norm'

In response to the State of Connecticut's lifted workplace restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic,
BTX Global Logistics is pleased to announce that our personnel are back at the company's Corporate Headquarters in Shelton, Conn., as of July 6th. BTX was fortunate enough to be among businesses deemed essential throughout the pandemic with limited staff working out of its various warehouses and office locations throughout North America and many of its employees working remotely from March through June. 

New Workplace Safety Precautions
The "new norm" looks quite different with new safety precautions put into place to ensure the health and safety of all BTX personnel in compliance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) recommendations. Strict social distancing guidelines, mask-wearing, re-structured work stations and conference rooms, a custom walking traffic-flow, increased sanitation and limited use of shared areas are among some of the new COVID-19 protocols being enforced to help minimize exposure and risk. 

“The health, safety and well-being of our staff is of the utmost importance to us,” said Sharon Hoffman, Vice President of Corporate Strategy for BTX Global Logistics. “We’ve been carefully assessing the situation, adapting accordingly and leveraging proper planning and technology to ensure our team members return to a safe and CDC-compliant working environment.”

Leveraging Technology
BTX purchased several automated AI body temperature screening systems that check an individual's body temperature at all entrances of the Corporate Headquarters. It automatically sends a text to its administrator if a person's temperature does not meet proper requirements for building entrance. 

BTX continues to leverage the latest technology to host meetings, webinars, training and other collaborative efforts online. BTXShip, BTX's operational software, and MyBTX were designed to be customizable and adaptable to any circumstance. BTX's North American branches have been successfully connecting cargo with its destination throughout these uncertain times without sacrificing service. 

Keeping Frontline Workers Safe & the Supply-Chain Moving
BTX Global Logistics has also implemented additional protocols to help keep company drivers, delivery and distribution personnel safe when on the road or in our warehouses including special PPE equipment and new sanitation guidelines for trucks, forklifts and cargo/package handling.

BTX truck drivers, distribution and delivery personnel have been working hard to keep goods flowing during these challenging times. Workers have been putting in extra hours behind the wheel and in the warehouses to keep stores and medical providers stocked with much needed products like PPE gear

Below is a testimonial from a recent customer in the medical industry:

 “BTX Global Logistics really came through for us when it counted. We needed some additional equipment as we prepared our site to participate in a COVID vaccine trial. Because of COVID concerns in our area, we were told again and again that no one was willing to make an inside delivery, and as a small team of medical providers, we had neither the means nor the muscle to move the equipment inside on our own,' said Nancy Baker of Critical Research Consulting. 

"BTX stepped up, and I was once again reminded of the importance of personal service and listening to the customer. We each have our role to play in making things better, and this one action made a difference for our clinical research site, and in the end, a difference in the work that will help get a vaccine out to the public.”

BTX will continue to monitor developing events to provide best-in-class services to our customers by thinking creatively and outside the box.

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