BTX is Equipped to Help You Navigate the Ins and Outs of Ecommerce

In a time of increasing internet dependency, ecommerce has grown to be a vital part of the world’s economy and has fundamentally changed the way businesses and consumers operate globally and locally. Brick-and-mortar stores now offer online marketplaces to sell their goods and new digital companies are emerging as a direct result of the increased demand for online services due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While it may be easy to enter into the ecommerce space, it is important to understand the complexities and nuances of logistics and supply chains in order to optimize daily operations and maximize ROI.

“As a full-service transportation and logistics organization, BTX is equipped to help our customers seamlessly navigate through the ins and outs of ecommerce from beginning to end,” said Ross Bacarella, President and CEO of BTX Global Logistics.

Securing the right supply chain and logistics partner to manage and streamline your logistics processes is key to ensuring the overall sustainability and success of your ecommerce operation. BTX’s adaptable facilities are strategically located throughout North America to provide timely and cost-effective services to our customers.

“From driving relevant traffic to your online store to safely storing your goods, pick and packing them for timely transportation and delivering them to their final destination, BTX will successfully support all facets of your ecommerce business,” added Bacarella.

BTX Global Logistics’ full suite of ecommerce solutions includes flexible and fully integrated order processing and fulfillment, cutting-edge warehouse management systems, best-in-class shipping services and customizable technology for reporting.Request a QuoteIn business for 40 years, BTX Global Logistics is a full-service shipping and logistics organization known for providing creative and flexible solutions to its customers. BTX's services include expedited shipping, air freight, ground freight, sea freight, white glove, trade show, ecommerce, fulfillment, distribution and much more.

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