National Motor Freight Class Changes Effective April 10, 2021

In an effort to establish fair measures and standardize freight pricing, the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) created the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) system that classifies all commodities in the United States into one of 18 classifications. Effective April 10, 2021 there will be several changes to classifications in Supplement 1 of NMF 100-AU that you should be aware of.

While a few notable changes are listed below, please review the complete NMFC document to be fully informed of all changes and updates in effect.

  • Several Foodstuffs Group Items, below, will be cancelled and replaced with NMFC 73260. These will apply to some of the following categories: 
    • 72040 - Bakery goods other than frozen
    • 72042 - Bars
    • 73227 - Breads, rolls and cake
    • 72270 - Brownies, other than frozen
    • 73270 - Fortune cookies
    • 74800 - Snack foods
    • 72680 - Coffee, tea or herbal tea
  • Stairs or Stairways, Ramps Items, which are currently under 2 classes SU (class 300) & KD (class 125) will be changed to 8 classes based on their dimension and density.

  • Glass, flat, bent or not bent NOI items, which are currently under 6 classes based on their dimension and density, will be expanding into 14 classes based on dimension and density. 

  • Glass, silvered for mirrors items using NMFC 86900 will be canceled and replaced with NMFC 86700.

  • Sneeze Guards or Food Shields or Guard items using NMFC 82285 will be expanding from 2 classes into 8 classes based on dimensions and density.

  • Chemicals Group items will be revised into three class tiers based upon Packing Groups I, II or III. Statements also added identifying items that are not required to bear a Hazard Class or Hazard Division label, please download full document below for more information. 

Read Complete NMFC Classification Updates

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