BTX Global Logistics Opens New Regional Branch in Columbus, Ohio

BTX Global Logistics is pleased to announce the opening of its newest shipping and logistics branch in Columbus, Ohio – BTX Global Logistics Columbus (BTX-CMH). 

Founded in 1980, BTX Global Logistics is a worldwide shipping and logistics organization with over 35 regional branches across North America that is known for its customer-centric approach to service and advanced technology.

BTX-Columbus is led by Michael Blackburn who adds 45 years of industry experience, combined with the CMH team, to the BTXMichaelYuliaBlackburn BTX-CMH network. Located in the center of the country, Ohio is a key geographical location for the transportation and supply-chain industry. 

“Columbus is the logistics distribution heart of the United States. Eighty-five percent of cargo can be moved from here to anywhere in the country in 1 to 2 days by road and we also have the two airports,” said Blackburn. 

John Glenn International (CMH) and Rickenbacker (LCK) airports are located in Columbus, Ohio, to help further expedite the transportation of cargo. 

 “We became a part of the BTX network because its values align with ours,” said Blackburn. “In my opinion, there’s an overall lack of customer service and people-to-people interaction nowadays with all the technology in the industry. We are different because, like BTX, we are completely dedicated to customer service. We believe in that face-to-face interaction, in phone calls, prompt service, and in utilizing the best technology tools to complement old-school service.”

BTX-CMH specializes in international Air and Ocean shipping, domestic and transborder shipping, asset recovery, Next Flight Out, and much more. 

“We are always evolving and enhancing our technology tools to better meet the needs of our customers without ever forgetting our first commitment: Delivering a world of service through excellence, constant communication and integrity,” said Ross Bacarella, CEO of BTX Global Logistics. “We are happy to welcome Michael, and his wife, Yulia Blackburn and their team to the Company.”

To request a quote, please contact CMH at or call 888 BTX CMH 1. For more information about BTX’s wide range of services or to request a quote, please visit

Headquartered in Shelton, Conn., BTX Global Logistics is a worldwide provider of full-service shipping and logistics services known for its customer service, integrated solutions and advanced technology. Founded in 1980, BTX has over 35 regional branches across the U.S. and Canada. 

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