Tips for Keeping You and Your Business Strong During Covid-19

During these uncertain times, one thing is for certain – there are ways to manage your business and daily activities more effectively to adapt to the challenges of the time. Below is a list of tips BTX Global Logistics has compiled to help keep you active and your business strong:

1. Analyze your business expenses, adjust your budget.

Are there services and expenses you are paying for on a regular basis that you can scale back on, cancel or pause for now? If so, take action and look for ways to scale back where it makes sense for your business.

2. Be proactive, educate yourself and your team.

Stay proactive by using any downtime to clean and update data like contact information in your systems. Pay attention to webinars and materials currently available for free that can help make you and your business better. Look at what your competitors are doing to see if they’re doing anything worth trying. Be open-minded to learning new skills and use this time to train yourself and your team.

3. Adapt to the times, leverage technology.

With the ongoing quarantine, using online resources to your advantage is more important than ever. The resources below are free (within limitations) and can be easily used to help you with daily business operation and tasks:

  • Dropbox: This is a free tool that allows you to store large files and share them with co-workers, leads, prospects and customers by creating a shareable folder or a link to a file.
  • Zoom: Zoom has always been free for limited use. Recently, the company has made its services free to the public during the Covid-19 pandemic. Take advantage of this tool, use it to host virtual meetings and demos, webinars and training sessions.
  • Social Media: Stay active on social media, share industry news and important business updates. Connect and communicate with your customers, leads and prospects – especially on LinkedIn. Remember to keep a healthy balance, don’t be pushy.

4. Stay engaged, rethink communication efforts.

With salespeople unable to go out on calls, having a solid communication strategy to keep your customers in “the know” is key. Stay in touch with your customers but don’t over-communicate, think value instead of frequency. Provide content they care about, empathize and listen to them. The goal always is to build trust and long-lasting relationships.

5. Apply for assistance, follow the CDC guidelines.

Stay on top of local resources available to businesses via federal and state relief programs. Follow the CDC guidelines to keep everyone safe.

With 40 years of experience providing best-in-class shipping and logistics services to organizations of all sizes, BTX Global Logistics is here to support you through the ins and outs of this pandemic, contact a BTX representative today for assistance.

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