BTX SLC On The Move

BTX Logistics Salt Lake CityBTX Global Logistics in Salt Lake City has had a busy Spring...Amidst day to day operations, tradeshows around the world and most of all making sure their customers are well taken care of, they've been busy with a major move--a result of major growth. Exciting!

Says Ken Allred for the group: "With a need for the combination of warehousing and offices buildings, it was a very long struggle to find a place that really worked for us--so we are very excited to finally be into our new facility.

"We now have nine dock doors all plated with levelers, and our twenty foot high roll up door makes it great for oversized exhibit and museum works we have moving in and out. It's funny...40,000 square foot warehouse seemed massive when we first moved. However, we are now completely full and have moved several truckloads to our offsite 100,000 square foot facility where we keep our long term accounts." 

Congrats to BTX Salt Lake City

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