BTX Global Logistics Hosts St. Joseph High Students for Phone-a-thon

BTX Global Logistics, a global freight-forwarding and logistics company, had the opportunity to host St. Joseph High School’s annual Phone-a-thon at its Shelton, Conn., headquarters for the eighth consecutive year. The partnership with St. Joseph High School began in 2011 when Ross Bacarella, CEO and President of BTX Global Logistics, a St. Joseph High School alumni, offered BTX’s office space to host the students.

“Ross allowing us to use BTX’s space to do the Phone-a-thons has completely transformed how we run them. Back in 2011, we were doing them out school using only four phones at a time,” explained Michele Krasznai, Director of Advancement & Alumni Affairs at St. Joseph High School, located in Trumbull, Conn. “We increased our donations from $2,000 to $10,000 that year just by using BTX’s old building space and being able to have more students call.”

The Phone-a-thon consists of students calling St. Joseph alumni using a script to ask for pledge gifts and commitments. The money raised helps fund St. Joseph High School scholarships and other projects.

BTX Logistics Hosts Phone-a-thon

“I did [the phone-a-thon] as a freshman, again this year, and I will probably do it in the Spring. I really like getting people to donate to the community,” said Kayla DeMoura, a junior at St. Joseph High School. “The donations benefit scholarships and help students who can’t afford tuition to go here.  They also help us with our facilities like the wellness center.”

The St. Joseph High School Phone-a-thon happens twice a year – once in the Fall and once in the Spring.

Joseph Bacarella, Vendor Relations Manager at BTX Global Logistics, working in the BTX headquarters during the Phone-a-thon said, “It was really funny because one of the students actually called me asking for a gift while I was in the building. I said, ‘Sure, I’ll walk the check right over to you.’ The student was shocked. My dad, Ross, went to St. Joseph, I went to St. Joseph and so did all of my siblings. It’s truly an honor to be able to give back to our school.” 

Since transitioning the St. Joseph High School Phone-a-thon to BTX’s new headquarters, St. Joseph High School has been able to increase the number of participants in its pledge drives even more. With approximately 20-25 students at BTX per night, Krasznai says they’ve been raising an average of $10,000 to $15,000 per school year through their Phone-a-thon efforts.

To make a donation to St. Joseph High School, please visit Click here to view the BTX Cares Media Gallery.

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