BTX Expands its Customs Brokerage Service Offerings

BTX Global Logistics, a worldwide shipping and logistics organization, has recently expanded its Customs Brokerage service offerings and recruited industry-veteran Scott Stoppa to lead its in-house Brokerage division.

BTX’s Customs Brokerage division helps customers clear their freight more effectively at any customs point in the country by facilitating the processing of worldwide import and exports.

“We are always looking for the best people to serve our clients, bringing Scott in to lead BTX’s in-house Customs Brokerage division was a natural decision that we’re very excited about,” said Ross Bacarella, President and CEO of BTX Global Logistics. “He adds a lot of value and experience to our team.”

Stoppa has 25 years of industry experience.

“From system integrations to around-the-clock support from East to West Coast, I am happy to be a part of an organization that truly focuses on the customer,” said Stoppa, V.P. of BTX’s Customs Brokerage division. “What differentiates BTX from other competitors is our attention to service, detail, and our ability to offer speed, accuracy and efficiency with all of our entries.”

From flowers to cars, machinery, furniture and pharmaceuticals, BTX Global Logistics can help clear your freight by land, air or sea. BTX’s Customs Brokerage services include:

  • Streamlined international and cross-border services
  • Complete compliance management or expedited cargo processing
  • Customs clearance for all U.S. ports and Puerto Rico
  • International & cross-border documentation preparation and facilitation
  • State-of-the-art technology for transparency and visibility

For more information, please visit BTX’s Customs Brokerage service page.

BTX Global Logistics is a full-service shipping and logistics organization specializing in flexible transportation solutions for heavy-weight freight by land, air and sea for customers around the world. BTX has over 30 regional branches across the U.S. and Canada and strategic partners around the world.   

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