BTX Global Logistics Crosses the Border with BTX Toronto

BTX Global Logistics extended their footprint this month with the launch of BTX Toronto. In crossing the border, BTX emphasizes their commitment to bringing the best freight options for customers across the globe.

BTX Toronto will be led by ML MacIsaac, a tenacious and experienced forwarder who has been in the business for over 25 years. Her team of six has been right there with her for a good number of those years—so there certainly is no shortage of experience. What sets the group apart is their unfailing dedication to customers: “We like to say, ‘our customers are always satisfied; our goal is to impress’. In this business, things can sometimes go sideways, but we pride ourselves on anticipating issues and having a solution ready to deploy, before it becomes a problem. Honesty and communication are King, here.” 

With expertise in cross border freight, time-specific retail deliveries, and FDA grant sectors, BTX Toronto fits perfectly with the Network’s commitment to being a highly personalized, true logistics partner. “We are excited to have ML and her team join the BTX family,” says Ross Bacarella, CEO and President for BTX Global Logistics. “The Toronto team really mirrors what sets BTX apart from others in the industry when it comes to being customer-centric, so this is a very natural fit.”

Meanwhile, MacIsaac and her team have hit the ground running, with a busy office in Barrie and a warehouse in the Toronto logistics center already humming along. Their decision to join BTX has been nothing but positive: “We knew we wanted a forwarder that was large enough to have a competitive edge in the industry—but still small enough to have that family feel. We really have been overwhelmed by the support we’ve received. If we’d had just 10% of the support promised, we would have been delighted…but instead we’ve had 110% of what we had hoped for—that is a perfect match, in our books.”

You can contact ML MacIsaac and BTX Toronto for more information on capabilities via email: or by phone: 877.414.2422.

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