It's National Sandwich Day...Need a container for that?

Happy National Sandwich Day!

Did you know that until the mid 1800s the Hawaiian Islands were called the Sandwich Islands—named after the same Earl of Sandwich?As a chain of islands, much of Hawaiian industry is based around inbound freight and offshore services, be it as support to the tourism industry, retail, building and construction, or even the automotive industry. Depending on a shipper’s needs, that inbound freight can be loose or containerized--though obviously there is a cost benefit to containerization.

Free Factsheet on Air Freight Container Basics

With both air freight and sea freight, not all containers for shipping are created equal; you need to choose accordingly. Click through to the right for a breakdown with dimensions and weights for the most common containers in use.

And as for sandwiches—can you guess most popular sandwich in America?

Contrary to what you might think, it’s not peanut butter and jelly. Three cheers for the simple ham sandwich: the most eaten sandwich in US today…. 


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