Global Shipping: 2019 Takeaways and Key Documentation Made Easy

Did you know that almost everything used in your daily life has been transported via ship or aircraft? From computers to cars, clothes and everything in-between, the world’s most needed and desired goods have been shipped from one country to another. In fact, global shipping is responsible for about 90% of the world’s total trade, according to the International Chamber of Shipping

Global shipping consists of Air Freight, Sea Freight and Trans-border shipping, which means that an airplane, ship, truck and/or train were all involved in transporting your supplies from point of origin to final destination. In 2019 alone, the U.S. spent a total of $2.5 trillion in exports and $3.1 trillion in imports from foreign countries with nearly half of its total volume of goods imported from China, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Germany, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

“While global shipping is an easy and effective way to connect people to products, the importing/exporting process can be a maze to those unfamiliar with the procedures, documentation and regulations involved,” said Dave Kemmer, VP International for BTX Global Logistics.

“Our shipping and logistics experts are always prepared to help our customers navigate through the complexities of Customs Clearance and Global Shipping,” he added. 

Whether you’re shipping electronics, medical goods, consumer products or manufactured goods, how your cargo is shipped and handled throughout the process makes a world of difference. It is BTX’s continual goal to not only provide best-in-class services you can count on, but to also compile useful resources that will facilitate the process for you.

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