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BTX hosts Connecticut Governor in Aviation Supply Chain Visit

As Connecticut lawmakers approved a labor agreement in which Sikorsky Aircraft promised to retain 7,500 jobs in the state — and potentially hire as many as 1,000 more workers — BTX Global Logistics in Stratford hosted a visit from Governor Dannel Malloy, as well as Stratford Mayor John Harkins and Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim. The state and local executives were keen to discuss what impact the deal might have on a company such as BTX, a local business actively engaged in the Sikorsky supply chain.

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Ocean Shipping...A Reflection on the Industry through the Years

I often hear ocean shipping referred to as being unchanged since the days of the early Phoenicians. I am happy to say I have only witnessed a small sliver of time as it relates to the history of shipping, however a time which has brought about tremendous change nonetheless.

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