Congress Passed FAA Reauthorization Bill: How will it affect freight-forwarders?

Congress passed H.R. 302, the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018. This bill is of particular importance to our industry as a whole and the Airforwarders Association has worked closely with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to ensure that the interests of freight-forwarders were heard and incorporated into the legislation. The FAA Reauthorization Act is a comprehensive piece of legislation that includes provisions for many aspects of Aviation. 
Below are the highlights of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 (H.R. 302) for the forwarding industry:
  • TSA Air Cargo Security Division: TSA will now be required to relaunch an air cargo security division, with no fewer than four full-time employees who understand the air cargo industry, that will inform and support stakeholders in all aspects of implementing agency policy.
  • CCSP: As a factor of this reauthorization, TSA will be required to review CCSP and assess its effectiveness at fully addressing evolving threats to air cargo. As a part of this review, TSA will also review information sharing between CCSP stakeholders and make any necessary improvements.
  • Canine Screening: A pilot program involving canine screening by private, third party dog teams, was included among the initiatives now mandated for reauthorization. The agency now promises to have privately supplied certified canines screening cargo by December of this year, though the program has already effectively been implemented and is in effect in the industry.
  • Known Shipper Program: The TSA Aviation Security committee will conduct a comprehensive review of the program to assess its effectiveness, and if it is still necessary or or should be modified now that 100% of air cargo is required to be physically screened.
  • ACAS: The Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) initiative, though it has already been imposed and implemented, is now mandated by law and requires the collection of advanced electronic information from air carriers and others within the supply chain regarding cargo being transported to the United States by air. It also dictates that the establishment of a system that will allow freight forwarders and others to provide such data. We are hopeful that these are varied at a nominal cost so that many stakeholders can participate by filing the required data as early as possible.
Numerous changes to policy and a high rate of turnover in TSA leadership, has caused significant issues both within the agency and for its stakeholders. With the passage of this legislation, we are hopeful that there will be an increased sense of clarity, more efficient security measures, and an improved process for all matters concerning TSA.
The FAA Reauthorization Act has now been confirmed by both the House and Senate, and is now on its way to be signed by the President today. 
Article courtesy of Brandon Fried, Executive Director of the Airforwarders Association (AFA). If you have any questions about this legislation, feel free to reach out to him directly at or to contact your BTX Global Logistics representative by clicking below.


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