National Motor Freight Classification Changes Take Effect on 8/13/22

Important changes to the National Motor Freight Classifications (NMFC) will take place on 8/13/22.As a best practice, shippers should be aware of these revisions and act accordingly when preparing LTL freight or work with organizations like BTX Global Logistics to correctly comply with the new requirements.

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) establishes classifications for LTL freight shipments referred to as the NMFC. The goal of this identification system is to create fair measurements and standardized pricing for ground freight. Failure by the shipper to adhere to these regulations can result in unexpected charges due to reclassification by the carrier.

There are 18 different freight classes ranging between 50 and 500 – the higher the class, the more expensive shipping costs per pound. Below is an explanation of the factors that determine Freight Classification:
Air Freight - Ground FreightBTX has compiled a list of some of the notable changes taking effect on August 13, 2022:

  • Glass, glazing units, 86960 - Cancelled
    Formerly class 70 now refers to 86700, glass (class based on length and density; 11 density ranges).
  • Weatherstrips or Weatherstripping NOI, 196955 - Amended
    Previously based on material (classes 70 and 150) will now have 11 density-based classes.
  • Fittings, electrical, 62010 - Cancelled
    Previously 6 classes based on material. Refer to 63160, Electrical Equipment (11 density-based classes).
  • Fireplace Guards or Screens, Glass with Metal Frames, 69455 - Amended
    Previously straight class 70 will now have three density-based classes (150, 250 & 300).
  • Hitches or Couplers, NOI, or Parts thereof, Not Wheeled, 192030 - Amended
    Previously straight class 70 will now have 11 density-based classes.
  • Beds, folding type, Murphy Beds - Amended 
    Previously class 125 & 150; now four density-based classes (70, 85, 50 & 300)
A full, detailed list of the changes can be viewed or downloaded by clicking below:

View Full List of ChangesBTX Global Logistics' knowledgeable representatives are available to help you with any shipping and compliance-related questions you may have, contact us here.

Sources: Freight Classification Development Council - Disposition Bulletin 1363 and

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